“In the time we have, it is surely our duty to do all the good we can, to all the people we can, in all the ways we can.”  – William Barclay

This quote seems to summarize the philosophy of the STEPS organization.  We take great pride in empowering individuals to lift themselves out of poverty.  We arm them with the skills necessary to increase their self-sufficiency and provide support services to promote their success.

It is indeed my honor to have served this wonderful organization for over twenty-five (25) years.  As I reflected on my tenure, I took a trip “down memory lane.”  Change has indeed been the one word that summarizes our journey.  Change that was planned and more often, Change that caused us to quickly rethink, react and rectify.  This organization has grown over the past 25 years in ways that is hard to fathom.

Our service area is vast, eleven counties in South Central Virginia:  Amelia, Appomattox, Brunswick, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Halifax, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway and Prince Edward.   The services delivered in each locality is diverse, but our overall mission is the same.   Read more »

Sharon L. Harrup, MS
President & Chief Executive Officer