STEPS Logo…The Hidden Meaning

Why a triangle?

This geometric shape was selected for its strong foundation.  Our foundation is our mission statement:  STEPS is committed to coordinating,creating and delivering quality comprehensive services in an effort to foster self-sufficiency and eliminate poverty. As long as we stay focused on what we are chartered to do, STEPS will continue to move forward.

Why is the triangle tilted? 

The slanted triangle represents our humanness.  Even though we are not perfect, our base continues to be strong and our vision is clear.

Why are there horizontal lines in the triangle?

STEPS strives to improve the quality of life of our communities.  This goal is represented by the horizontal lines signifying steps that will take each of us “up.”  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is represented by a triangle.  The top of the triangle is self-actualization.

Why does the triangle appear to be three dimensional?

When you see our logo not confined to a flat surface, the triangle is multi-dimensional.  So is each of us.  We all have characteristics that when combined form our personality and our belief system.  This is also true of our organization.  Individually we cannot accomplish nor are we as strong as when we join together as a collective group, all working toward the same goal, to foster self-sufficiency and eliminate poverty.